The Realistic Business Consortium offer three services:

Organisational Strategy & Business Planning

Realistic Business Club


Project based

Organisational Strategy & Business Planning

A structured process which includes a one-day workshop to devise a considered, sound organisational business plan/strategy. Involves the contribution and ‘buy-in’ of all key individuals and the creation of a clear set of actions to deliver/implement the plan.

Realistic Business Club

The Realistic Business Club involves organisations attending a monthly meeting with other members.  The objective is to provide the ongoing discipline required for the action plans to be implemented successfully.  The meeting will maintain momentum, create deadlines/accountability, assist with emerging issues/problems, instil resilience/resolve/motivation and provide support at the individual level.

Additional benefits include the sharing of ideas between members, access to a wider support group with similar challenges, collaboration opportunities, introduction to specialist contacts, and business skills training.

Project Based

We provide project management and specialist business knowledge for specific assignments.  These can be outsourced to us in their entirety or we can work with other internal or external individuals/teams as appropriate. Our aim is to bring a professional approach and pace, while being sensitive to an organisation’s ongoing day-to-day operations and limited resources.


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